Do You Only Serve Pizza?

Even though pizza is the headline of our menu, we serve other dishes like burgers, wraps, pasta, etc. Check our menu to find something you may like.

Do You Offer Catering Services?

Yes, we offer catering services for events like birthdays, holiday parties, office parties, baby showers, lunch, dinner, office meetings, school functions, etc. We are also Pharma Rep-friendly.

Do You Include Utensils In Catering Orders?

Yes, we include knives, forks, napkins and tongs in our catering orders.

What Is Your Cancellation Policy For Catering Orders?

You can cancel your order up to 24 hours before the scheduled delivery. Any orders canceled less than 24 hours before delivery will not be refunded.

Can I Modify My Catering Orders?

No, once you place your order you cannot modify it. For special circumstances, contact us at support@mikespizza.com.

How Do I Get In Touch With You?

If you have more queries, email support@mikespizza.com or call 732-333-8888 (Parlin), 732-972-2200 (Morganville).

Can my guests use their Loyalty Account with Mikes Pizza Online Ordering and Kiosk?

Absolutely! When creating an Online Ordering account for the first time or accessing an existing Online Ordering Account, guests will be able to sign up for Mikes Pizza Loyalty program. Similarly, once a guest finishes a transaction on a Kiosk, they will be prompted to join the Mikes Pizza Loyalty program.

Once a guest has signed up for rewards, they can begin collecting points for each order as well as redeem rewards for discounts on future orders in the restaurant or online! See Creating an Account when Placing an Online Order or Kiosk: Placing Orders, Making Payments, and Tipping to learn more.

Can a guest use their Gift Card for the Loyalty program?

Yes, all cards in Mikes Pizza can be dual function and contain BOTH cash balances and loyalty points. A Gift Card can be registered as a Loyalty Card. A Loyalty Card can have cash value added to it to be used as a Gift Card. The balances are stored separately within the system.

Does the Loyalty Account holder have to use a Gift Card when registering for the Loyalty program?

No, a physical card is not required to register, but providing an email address or phone number is required to register for the Loyalty program.

How does Mikes Pizza upload loyalty info from a previous/former POS or Loyalty Program?

Based on the guidelines for creating flat files in Importing Gift Cards.

Can Customers add loyalty by uploading a csv through us?

Loyalty Customers can be uploaded by our Customer Care Team using a file type noted in Importing Gift Cards.

Does loyalty allow for one guest to use multiple credit cards, emails or phone numbers and accrue points in one loyalty profile?

Yes, multiple credit cards can be linked to a single Loyalty Account, but only 1 email or phone number and 1 customer profile can be used.

Can a Mikes Pizza e-Gift card with zero balance be used as a loyalty card?

Yes, any gift card can be registered as a Loyalty Card.

Can my guests register for a Loyalty Account from their digital receipt?

Yes, guests can register for loyalty accounts directly from a link at the bottom of their digital receipt. For this feature to work correctly, the following criteria must be met:

1. Your restaurant’s Mikes Pizza loyalty program is enabled.
2. Navigate to the Payment Options section under the Payments header in the Mikes Pizza back-end. From here, locate the Rewards Signup section Cash, Credit or both and select Yes.
3. The guest does not apply a rewards account to the check.

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