There’s Nothing Like Southern-Style Fried Chicken

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At Mike’s Pizza Kitchen & Catering is our uncompromising commitment to quality that begins with the selection of only the finest quality ingredients from around the globe, sourced from suppliers who consistently meet our precise specifications.


All natural, free of additives, fillers & and preservatives*Made in Wisconsin using milk sourced from dedicated, local family farms.

Pizza Dough

This classic pizza base is prepared fresh daily in our kitchen. We use only the finest wheat and 100% purified water with EVOO!


We source ingredients locally and use farm-raised, antibiotic-free, organic, hormone-free all natural chicken.


The secret to our signature tomato sauce starts in the warm, sun-drenched fields of California where our tomatoes are vine-ripened to perfection. It’s not the easiest way to source our tomatoes, but it’s the best.

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